Kinshi Masamune Product List

Matsuya Kyube

This first-class quality junmai-daiginjo was named after the founder of Kinshi Masamune. Using only “Yamada-Nishiki” rice polished down to 35%, our brewmasters place no limits on producing this handmade sake that is loved for its delicate aromatic body and clear taste.

Contents: Rice (100% domestic), koji-rice (100% domestic), alcohol 16% - 17%
Other information
Rice brand: Yamada-Nishiki; Polishing ratio: 35%; Sake meter value: +1.0; Acidity: 1.2; Amino acid value: 1.1

Kinshimasamune Junmai-Daiginjo

This excellent handmade sake is carefully brewed using only “Iwai” rice polished down to 50%. It has a characteristic floral aroma and fruity crisp taste.

Kinshimasamune Junmai-Ginjo

100% “Iwai” rice, a famous Kyoto brand of sake-brewing rice, polished down to 55% is used in brewing this fine handmade sake. The light creamy fragrance and delicate sweetness are particular characteristics of sake made from “Iwai” rice.

Kinshimasamune Tokubetsu-Junmai

Gohyakumangoku-mai rice polished down to 60% is used to produce this carefully brewed handmade Tokubetsu-junmai sake with a relaxing aroma yet pleasantly robust flavor.

Honjozo Kinkaku

Kyoto chefs have long-cherished this superb Kinshi Masamune sake. It is popular for the gentle, well-rounded and smooth taste that makes it the perfect complement to fine cuisine.