Connecting past and present in sake brewing
New Tokiwa Brewery

The New Tokiwa Brewery was completed in 1995 and features a state-of-the-art brewing system that carefully controls fermentation so that the particular characteristics of the spring water from the “Tokiwa Well” can properly enhance the flavor of the sake and produce a high-quality product all year round.
No production system, however, is sufficient on its own. It also requires that our brewers utilize the techniques passed down since our founding in 1781 to create the subtle, mellow flavors that make our sake authentically “Kyoto-brewed.”

Tokiwa Well

The “Tokiwa Well” is located on the grounds of the Kinshi Masamune Brewery and has been selected as one of the 100 most famous wells in Japan. Currently, the natural spring water gushes forth at a rate of 28 tons per hour, truly making it the “water of life” that sustains Kinshi Masamune sake.

Tours of the Shin-Tokiwagura

We offer regular tours (by reservation) of the Shin-Tokiwagura in which participants can view the processes by which sake is made and do tasting. The facility is closed on Sundays, holidays and some Saturdays, and tours are not held on these days.